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Just Me

5 March
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My name is Joel Parthemore, Thursday-born, formerly of Washington, DC; formerly of Paxtang, Pennsylvania; formerly of Johnson, Vermont; formerly of Wenchi, Brong Ahafo, Ghana; currently of Lund, Skåne, Sweden: specifically a little place called Hardeberga Station, along the old rail line to Södra Sandby. I used to install and troubleshoot computer systems for a living for an ugly, bloated bureaucracy called US Peace Corps :-). Now I'm a poor starving postdoc in philosophy of mind. I've always felt a bit of an outsider, but you can judge that for yourself. I am a traveler, always searching for my home, not yet finding, though the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec would be a damned fine place to settle; and Sweden wouldn't be so bad, either... especially the further north you go. I am a dreamer, seeking safe haven. I have been the Wandering Jew or Jack of the Lantern; for a year I was Chuck; but right now I'm just me.